10 Foods That We Will Show You How To Increase The Intelligence Of Your Child

10 Foods That We Will Show You How To Increase The Intelligence Of Your Child

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How to increase intelligence with food is what we will explain here, especially so you can apply it with your children, although they tend to be fussy about food, are unable to resist good food. If you take them with a proper diet, high in omega-3 fats , will cause their brains to build more and more blocks for healthy neuronal development, so we will list 10 foods with which you should feed your children if you really want to teach them To be smarter.

10 essential foods that will show you how to increase the intelligence of your little ones

1. Nuts: Walnuts, like almonds, range from one of the best sources of omega-3 , which acts as a brain booster because it produces DHA, a structural component and quite essential to the health of the neurological system, They are rich in vitamin E, excellent for improving cognitive functions.

2. Avocados: avocado comes from nature and keeps an answer for every health problem, the reason why it is so good is because of the fat it owns , the brain always needs good nutrients for its good functioning but much more when It is about young adolescents or children, because they are in full development, this is reason enough to give you all the good fat that can help you grow to its full potential.

3. Apples: is one of the fruits preferred by the suckers of the house because they love sweets and fruits in general are the health food easier to consume, any fruit is good for them but the apples in particular Contain an antioxidant called quercetin, excellent for the brain. Such an antioxidant has been shown to fight against signs of diminished mental abilities, so it will keep your kids focused all day.

4. Oatmeal: Probably like every mother you know that sweetened cereals are bad for your child but sometimes in the hustle of day to day you do not have time to convince them to eat something else, this is when the oatmeal is Perfect, it represents a great alternative because it is sweet and yet retains all the essential nutrients, it is able to absorb bad cholesterol from the bloodstream and keep the arteries of the brain completely clear , improving memory skills in them.

5. Eggs: one of the richest and most nutritious foods, eggs not only keep the entire body healthy but the brain, the yolks in particular help form the neurotransmitter of acetylcholine , it provides communication between cells and enhances functions by heart. In addition, almost all youngsters love to eat eggs and even if they like it somehow, any of its other varieties, yes, this is what makes it the ideal food for both children and mothers.

6. Yogurt: Yogurt contains calcium and protein, it also brings various benefits to neurological health , the good fats it contains are essential for healthy brain development and probiotics improve the mood of every human being.

7. Green vegetables: All those green vegetables are loaded with powerful antioxidants, they are excellent for protecting the brain in the process of developing harmful free radicals , they also improve cognitive functioning and prevent the reduction of neurological functions, However, feeding children with green vegetables can be a difficult task but if you put a little creativity, it will be much easier. They are very visual, you can engineer them by creating a green shake from a vibrant green monster, making green tortillas with spinach, this will awaken your curiosity. Know the vegetables high in proteins that will make your food balanced.

8. Fish: Fish is excellent and rich in every way, normally fatty fish such as salmon and mackerel are full of healthy fat like omega-3, fats vital for everyone’s brain, and prevent memory loss and reducing mental abilities and intelligence, fish has healthy portions of vitamin D .

9. Olive oil: is high in monounsaturated fatty acids, wonderful for brain development. Changing the regular oil for this type of oil, will make you and the rest of your family benefit from its benefits, is much healthier, however, this does not mean that you can make fried food but at least it will Any food that carries oil, is healthier.

10. Almonds: Almond is like nuts, rich in benefits, it will bring all the good fatty acids and proteins to your child’s brain for intelligence, will repair the damaged brain cells, therefore, will keep your brain in better condition as well Like all cognitive functions.

Once you know these foods, you know how to increase the intelligence of your children naturally.

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