Do Not Buy More Garlic, Grow It In Your Home in The Pot, Very Easy and Simple

Do Not Buy More Garlic, Grow It In Your Home in The Pot, Very Easy and Simple

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Every time we go to supermarkets we find more and more organic products available to customers, and this is because we have become aware that these products ensure us to consume fruits and vegetables free of pesticides and contaminants.

For those who do not have a large garden to prepare an orchard, pots are ideal as a replacement to be able to grow them.

In addition to the classic aromatic herbs, garlic is a good choice when it comes to growing homemade foods. They do not need much space or care and with a pot and a little soil, you can have your own garlic to prepare meals and so on.

First you will need a pot of about 20cm deep and with drainage in the base, because the garlic tend to form fungi if they receive excess water, so that a proper drainage is essential.


You can plant any kind of garlic, just separate your teeth and do not remove the peels. Fill the earth container leaving 1 or 2 cm distance with the edge.

Place the garlic cloves at least 10cm from the surface and with 8 or 10cm distance between one and the other; Always with the pointed part facing up.

Place the container in a place where it receives direct sunlight practically throughout the day, as this plant needs warm climates.

Do not exceed the amount of water in the irrigation because the planted garlic clove may rot when it receives too much moisture.

After 8 to 10 months, when the leaves begin to turn brown, the garlic will be able to be harvested.

After removing them from the pots, leave them in a dry place for a week, then you can consume them.

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