Know The 6 Plants That Will Help You Sleep Better and How To Prepare Them

Know The 6 Plants That Will Help You Sleep Better and How To Prepare Them

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The plants of lavender, jasmine, rosemary, snake, spider plant and English ivy represent some of the sleeping plants, excellent to have in your bedroom. In this article we suggest the best plants to sleep , with them you can lower your blood pressure, heart rate and calm your senses. Rosemary, jasmine and lavender will promote your dream by reducing stress and elevating your mood, in fact, for babies, the snake and spider plants purify the air.

Everyone at the end of their day hopes to get home and have a restful night sleep and that their bedroom is an environment of total peace and quiet to sleep the right hours and although many resort to low lights, relaxing music and take a Good hot shower for that purpose, you can still add something more to the nightly relaxation ritual like sleeping plants which you can place comfortably in your bedroom.

Sleeping plants improve your overall health

Sleeping plants are a very controversial subject for some, as they are considered to be harmful to sleep in the bedrooms at night, as they emit carbon dioxide and absorb oxygen. However, research has shown that the amount of carbon dioxide released by plants at night is not so strong as to be harmful in humans , in addition the amount of oxygen is minimally absorbed.

In fact, keeping them in the bedroom promotes general well-being in your health , not only allows you to sleep better but also detoxifies the air you breathe, they are able to suppress the germs that are transported in the air and release water vapor into the environment .

6 sleeping plants, great additions for your bedroom

1. Lavender:

The benefits of lavender for the quality of sleep are well recognized, in fact it is endorsed by the National Sleep Foundation, it is able to relax sleep through reducing blood pressure and heart rate. Her aromatherapy decreases the levels of cortisol , the stress hormone in the body. It is also effective in babies when they have anxiety about sleeping.

The lavender plant is fragrant, with large blue flowers, native to the Mediterranean region, its distinctive aroma can facilitate a better sleep, increase and elevate your mood, and reduce anxiety.

To take care of it you must:

-Keep it near a window in a southerly direction, if possible.

-Water it lightly every time the top of the soil inside the pot is dry. Make sure you do not overload it with water because lavender roots are particularly prone to rot when you carry excess water.

-Some types of lavender plants can grow up to 3 feet tall and wide; So, you should make sure you choose a smaller type for indoor use.

2. Jasmine :

The jasmine plant contains a delicious fragrance, it is sweet and its appearance of white flowers is magnificent, they make up the perfect addition to any bedroom. It is recommended to help with stress, fatigue, depression and anxiety, even several studies already confirm that inhaling jasmine oil transmits signals to the limbic system , a region of the brain capable of regulating the emotions and impacts of the nervous system. In addition, aromatherapy professionals recommend 100% for the regulation of blood pressure, heart rate and breathing, as it improves immune health and also allows you a deep and restful sleep.

To take care of it you must:

-Keep it preferably in cool temperatures rooms, near a southbound window.
-Provide a plant stand or trellis to help it grow.
-Do not let it take more than 3-4 hours of sunlight.
-Fertilize it with indoor fertilizer in the spring and keep it on moist but not soaked soil.
-Put it thoroughly in early spring to control its size.

3. Rosemary :

This type of plant is common for kitchen purposes but is also excellent for a restful sleep, it has been considered as a support for memory for centuries, rosemary oil assists the nervous system and circulatory health, improves Concentration and relieves stress.

To take care of it you must:

-Sold in small 6 “pots, rosemary can be grown as an annual plant inside.
-It is able to grow about 3 feet high and wide, so be sure to prune it to control its size.
-Grind it on its soil when it is dry and use a slow release fertilizer in early spring.
-It requires about 6 hours of direct and daily sunlight.

4. Snake Plant:

It sounds creepy but it is not so much, the snake plants are amazing and perfect as an addition to any bedroom, this plant filters harmful toxins from the air you breathe, removes carbon dioxide in the environment and releases oxygen All night, which is why it gives you a good sleep , you will notice that you will wake up energized. It is highly recommended if you are asthmatic or have respiratory problems.

To take care of it you must:

-Snake plants do not require much light and are low maintenance
-Clean it from dust and water it from time to time
-No fertilizer required

5. Spider plant :

they are significantly beneficial to use indoors because they purify and detoxify the air you breathe , they do it through the filtration of pollutants in the air, this type of plant is capable of eliminating 90% the chemical formaldehyde air.

To take care of it you must:

-They are very resistant and low maintenance
-Colocalas near a window in some hanging basket.
-It grows quickly and looks beautiful as a waterfall in your basket.
-Needs little amount of indirect sunlight

6. English ivy:

the best option when you not only want to purify your environment and get a restful sleep but to recreate your eyesight, because it is beautiful to look at, it is able to decrease the amount of mold spores in the domestic environment, helps the People with allergies. However, you should keep it away from children and pets because it is a poisonous plant.

To take care of it you must:

-Keep it in a shaded place so it receives indirect light.
-Keep it away from AC vents and areas with draft.
-It grows vigorously, so you should control its size through pruning regularly.
-Water it when the soil is dry to the touch.


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