Famous Doctor Reveals Her Diet To Lose Weight Without Starving

Famous Doctor Reveals Her Diet To Lose Weight Without Starving

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For more than 20 years Dr. Cynthia Sass has specialized as a nutritionist, personal trainer and health educator. This American doctor got millions of people to lean toward a healthier diet and has had many successes.

In addition to participating in numerous television programs and being a nutritionist consultant for basketball teams, Cynthia wrote many books on diet treatments and one of them we extracted this diet that today we want to share because it has been one of its greatest achievements: a diet for Get a flat stomach and reduce several inches of waist. How not to try?

The diet is based on a healthy diet with monounsaturated fats that are the ones that generate more satiety. During the first five days you should eliminate salt and flours which are basically foods that generate inflammation. Flours spread the intestines and salt retains fluids.

Take note of the composition of this diet during the first five days. Remember that we must put aside the idea that diets start on Mondays; If you took the healthy determination to start a diet you can start tomorrow or even today.

Anyway, we will take Monday as the first day simply on a point of order.

During these first five days the breakfast will always be the same.

Breakfast: Coffee or tea with sweetener – 2 brown bread toast with olive oil or 2 whole-grain biscuits – 1 glass of orange juice.


Lunch: Varied salad – 1 chicken fillet / calf palm size, grilled.

Dinner: 1 portion of vegetables and boiled vegetables – 1 slice of whole wheat bread – 1 serving of ham.


Lunch: 1 serving of rice salad with assorted vegetables – 1 chicken fillet / calf palm size, grilled.

Dinner: 1 egg passed by water / hard – 1 salad of vegetables and vegetables varied.


Lunch: 1 serving of pasta with vegetables of choice – 1 chicken fillet / calf palm size, grilled.

Dinner: Broccoli sautéed with garlic – Fruit of choice and yogurt.


Lunch: Grilled hake loins the size of the palm of the hand – 1 serving of seasoned vegetable stew.

Dinner: 1 cabbage salad with paprika – 1 choice fruit and yogurt.


Lunch: Beans / beans / beans with ham – 1 serving of potato omelette.

Dinner: 1 salad of varied vegetables – 1 choice fruit and yogurt.

From now on, and for the remaining 11 days, the diet varies widely and incorporates other foods and what is more important adds an additional snack at mid-morning and a snack. This increases the metabolism causing us to lose weight.

An important part in these days when the menu changes a lot is that you should consume the meals without exceeding the amount of three hours between one and the other.

This diet aims to create a habit in your diet to make you healthier and help you feel better in addition to losing weight and flattening your belly.

Let’s look at the menu for the next 11 days.


Breakfast: Tea with milk with 2 toasts with cooked ham, cheese and egg.

Half morning: Peach juice / natural peach.

Lunch: Salad of thin slices of raw zucchini and feta cheese. Stewed fish with tomatoes. Apricots / apricots.

Snack: 1 bar of cereals.

Dinner: Seasonal vegetable planter – scrambled eggs with onion and thyme – 1 mango diced with natural yogurt.


Breakfast: Coffee with milk with pancake with honey and natural pear juice.

Half morning: Yogurt with fiber and nuts.

Lunch: Salad of potato, tomato, olive and onion – clams or squid to the marinera with peas – melon.

Snack: 1 sticks of cereal – mango juice.

Dinner: 1 portion of vegetables and boiled vegetables with bacon / bacon – 1 chicken pie and endive – cherries.


Breakfast: 1 cup milk with toast with olive oil, fresh cheese and ham.

Half morning: Coffee with milk with vegetable sandwich.

Lunch: Creamy spinach with tuna stew with peppers and tomato – watermelon slices.

Snack: Ham and cheese sandwich with pear juice.

Dinner: Couscous salad – rabbit stew to the jacket – 1 banana / banana.


Breakfast: Coffee with milk with toast with pate.

Half morning: Fruit salad.

Lunch: White bean salad with tomato, green pepper and onion – stewed pork tenderloin with applesauce – loquat.

Snack: Iced tea with lemon.

Dinner: Grilled salmon with almond sauce and cream of lettuce – yogurt with cereals.


Breakfast: Coffee with milk, butter and peach / peach.

Half morning: Natural yogurt with cereal bars.

Lunch: Tricolor pasta salad with ham tortilla and tomato – plums.

Snack: Bread with olives and cheese.

Dinner: 1 portion of escalibada and a slice of bread – grilled sausages with caramelized onion – peach / peach.


Breakfast: Coffee with milk with toast, ham and olive oil.

Half morning: Peppers stuffed with cream of fish.

Lunch: Spinach cake with chicken stuffed with nuts and dried apricots – 1 serving of rice – watermelon.

Snack: Lemon garnished with mint.

Dinner: Gazpacho – Pizza with arugula and homemade goat cheese – grapes with cheese.


Breakfast: Coffee with milk with mini fruit tarteletas.

Half morning: Watermelon and tomato juice.

Lunch: Shrimp salad with raspberry vinaigrette – zucchini stuffed with grouper gratin with lettuce – coffee cream with chocolate.

Snack: Milk shake with nuts and fart.

Dinner: Stewed pork loin with almond sauce and Brussels sprouts – melon with ham – compote of quinces.

This diet will allow you to gain energy, lose weight and refine your waistline. Remember that during these last 11 days you can use salt and oil, preferably olive.

Ideally, during these meals, gather the 1,600 daily calories you need to consume.

At each meal you can also include cucumber, ginger, lemon and mint.


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