Don’t Need To Use The Inhaler. This Natural Juice Recipe Cure Asthma

Don’t Need To Use The Inhaler. This Natural Juice Recipe Cure Asthma

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Many things can become obsolete or old-fashioned, but the reality is that grandmother’s remedies rarely fail when applied to the whole family.

And for asthma, I also had a remedy that today we will refloat so that you can have a quick and easy and effective way out before a moment when you need it.

Asthma occurs when the airways become inflamed or constrict more than normal, due to different factors and this causes shortness of breath.

Among the various causes that cause asthma attacks, we can count on:

-Smoking or being a passive smoker

-Stay for prolonged periods in vitiated and poorly ventilated environments

-Environmental pollution

-Inhale chemicals

-Family history related to airway problems

While there are numerous drug-based treatments, many prefer to resort to home remedies.

We leave you some suggestions in ways of juices that will make you feel better.

Juice 1


-2 green apples
-6 stems of celery spinach
-Bunch of parsley
-¼ lemon juice

Juice 2


-¼ of pineapple
-1 fennel
-8 stalks of kale
-3 pieces of radish
-½ lemon.

Juice 3


-¼ of pineapple
-1 cucumber
-½ pepper
-½ lemon juice
-2 cups of strawberry juice
-1 cup cranberry juice
-1 cup of pomegranate juice

Wash each ingredient thoroughly and blend. Consume these juices once a day.

Some additional tips:

– Ginger tea

– Juice of ginger, lemon and honey

– Turmeric tea

– Sage tea

– Rub the chest with lukewarm eucalyptus, pine and rosemary oils


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