The Whole Truth Behind Nutella … This Us What They Do To Get To Your Table

The Whole Truth Behind Nutella … This Us What They Do To Get To Your Table

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They bring us the whole truth behind Nutella. It is a delicious and also coveted product, but it is ending with an animal species. And, as if that were not enough, many recognized brands are involved. Knowing and acting is what we should do. The orangutans, their habitat and many of the green lungs of this planet are disappearing little by little. Here you will realize the truth behind the production of palm oil!

The truth behind Nutella

Nutella is a delicious taste of hazelnut, milk, and cocoa. At present it is commercialized in practically all the world, it is very famous thanks to its unique flavor. We can use Nutella in different preparations besides it is very delicious. You can find it in desserts, ice cream, coffee and in many other preparations. Although they have tried to copy it, this cream is unique. It was created in 1963 by Pietro Ferrero, in Alba, Piedmont, Italy.

But, there is a truth behind Nutella and other brands; that is where they get their raw material, what they are doing is destroying a whole species, and they lead it to extinction. Sumatra and Borneo is the natural habitat of the orangutans, in that forest they find or rather they found all the food that was necessary for them.

After the demand for the largest brands grew, those forests have been destroying them to plant palm and thus obtain their oil. This oil is very used; since it is a natural preservative, it does not alter the taste of food and also has a very low cost. The big environmental organization’s study and have denounced different irregularities in the production of this oil, for some time now. Also, thanks to deforestation are leading to the extension of species such as the Sumatran tiger and the orangutan, this has as a consequence a very important environmental impact. One of the most important is that the degradation and burning of forests for the plantation emit 1,800 million tons of greenhouse gases.

Different brands become aware

The palm plantation results in the destruction of large areas of native forest, mainly in Indonesia. The governments that are involved do not comply or carry out agreements for the prevention of damages. The truth behind Nutella and other industries is related to Sinar Mas. Greenpeace in 2010 discovered that the company Sinar Mas, was related to this deforestation and that it supplied raw materials to companies like Nestlé for the production of Kit Kat, before this situation a report was published announcing that “Nestlé broke commercial ties with Sinar Mas ”

After all this worldwide controversy, Unilever, who bought palm oil to make Dove products, ended relationships as well. And finally, Kraft did the same.

The complaints are more serious than we know

The animals are not being respected as well as their habitat. As we said before, deforestation causes a huge loss in the natural habitat of species like the orangutan. In the burning of forests, the orangutans are mistreated, beaten, mutilated and even burned alive. There is no official protection program where they can guarantee the welfare of both the orangutans and the habitat. The Sumatran tigers are victims of the same.

Palm oil is an enemy of the species of Malaysia, Borneo, and Indonesia. This is the truth behind Nutella and the following brands:

-Procter & Gamble
-Mans hell
-Ben & Jerry’s
-Lefecre -Utile
-Hugo Boss
-D & G

Problems of deforestation

Definitely, deforestation is a problem that most countries have worldwide. The truth behind Nutella and other brands is a lack of commitment to the environment. Do not investigate, do not get involved and only make commercial agreements with companies that do not have environmental ethics; We can say that it is the problem.

The most important problems of deforestation are:

– The loss of the natural habitat that directly affects the species. The loss of biodiversity. They do not survive deforestation and consequently the loss of their habitat, approximately 70%.

– Fixation of carbon dioxide. To purify the air, trees are essential, and also can absorb greenhouse gases.

– Erosion of soil that ends in aridity, bringing as a consequence unproductive lands. If there are no trees, the hydrological cycle cannot continue, and as a consequence, the water vapor is not returned to the atmosphere. And without the forest cover, the floors receive direct sunlight and the forests will not be able to retain the heat. And in this way, climate change is getting worse. The high temperatures of the day and the low temperatures of the night affect the same way to plants and animals.

– Predisposition to floods: Trees are a natural barrier against floods and also facilitate the absorption of soil.

Together we can

Currently, Mother Nature and the world need our help, our voice, our actions. There are many organizations that want to stop all this that has no justification. The big industries do not take responsibility for all the serious damage they are causing to third parties because they are only buying the raw material without having knowledge of its origin. Reporting and engaging in this type of abuse ensures that endangered species are saved.

The production of palm oil is very economical and yielding compared to soybean oil. For this reason, they have not found replace it. But, it is necessary to carry out awareness campaigns and agreements that can guarantee the welfare of all those involved. Animals are killed, forests are burned, gases are produced that favor global warming and more and more oil is introduced that is not good for health.

With this article also make a better selection of your food, you can share this information with all your contacts and thus make us more people who seek the welfare of the species.

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