Water Therapy: Take Water Immediately After Waking up and Check Out the Huge Benefits

Water Therapy: Take Water Immediately After Waking up and Check Out the Huge Benefits

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Many problems and diseases would disappear only with the implementation of so-called Japanese water therapy (drinking up to four glasses of water fasting each day when we wake up). The healing power of water is one of the most potent and undeniable. Let’s see then what are the benefits of incorporating this habit into our daily life.

Water Therapy Take Water Immediately After Waking up and Check Out the Huge Benefits

In Japan it is customary to drink water immediately after waking up every morning. They follow water therapy approved by their own medical association. Water therapy combats and prevents various diseases, including some serious ones.

Here some of them:

-Headaches and body aches
-Heart diseases
-Tuberculosis, meningitis
-Renal and urinary disorders
-Vomiting, diarrhea, constipation
-Menstrual disorders
-Diseases of nose, throat and ears
-Bronchitis, asthma
-Diseases of the eyes

One of the most well-known cases of the efficacy of this treatment is what Dr. Fereydoon Batmanghelidj has experienced. He, being a political prisoner in 1979 and lacking medical supplies to treat diseases, used only water therapy to treat the more than 3000 prisoners who were lodged next to him.

The doctor verified the remarkable effects of proper hydration, curing and preventing in some cases, many diseases of the persons deprived of liberty who were there. After his release he continued, until the present, with his investigations and obtained the verification of his hypotheses about the chronic dehydration to which the common people are exposed.

What is water therapy?

1. When you wake up, drink 650 ml of water, before everything in the morning. Slowly and without haste.

2. Now, you can brush your teeth and clean your mouth as you normally do, but do not eat anything for at least 45 minutes.

3. After 45 minutes , you can eat and drink what you want.

4. Water therapy requires not drinking, or eating, anything for two hours after breakfast, lunch or dinner.

5. If you can not tolerate drinking four glasses at the beginning, start with less and increase the amount gradually.

To perform water therapy, it should be at room temperature or preferably warm , to avoid the danger of cold water.

Below we will see how many days we have to do the water therapy according to each condition:

-High blood pressure: 30 days.
-Constipation: 10 days.
-Tuberculosis: 90 days.
-Diabetes: 30 days.
-Gastritis: 10 days.
-Arthritis: We must perform water therapy for three days in a week , rest a week and resume daily.

The therapy to maintain a correct body hydration is a good habit that all we should take to take care of our health and our organism. For this it is important to keep in mind that water consumption should be done moderately and calmly. It will not be so beneficial if we take in a lot of water at the same time as it can lead to health problems.

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