Surely You Did Not Know That This Product Can Make miracles On Your Face

Surely You Did Not Know That This Product Can Make miracles On Your Face

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Discover what soap does miracles on your face. We will talk to you today about a soap that is made in Mexico, it is called Zote soap, it is an ecological bar and it has other conventional uses besides others that are not so conventional.

This soap is not only used to wash clothes, you can also clean your face. It sounded strange to you, right? But this is one of the dermatological solutions that the grandmothers recommend and also the doctors … It’s something like the “Cough syrup recommended by the mothers of the doctors”.

There are many people who suffer from allergic dermatitis due to liquid soap, because they leave residues on the skin that no matter how hard you try to remove it, it does not get removed; and for that reason some person recommended to take a piece of white Zote soap and to wash the hands with him.

You wonder, how a soap to wash clothes is not aggressive to your skin if you are one of the people who have oily skin and also with some other granite, will it help? Today we will tell you the uses you can give.

Zote soap is ideal for people with:

-Acne Oily
-Allergy to toilet soaps

And you wonder why this soap is so effective ?. We can tell you that its ingredients are the same as those of a “neutral” toilet soap and you can use it for a personal use. Its ingredients benefit your skin and thus the imperfections and allergies diminish.

You can also use it as fishing bait. You can use the pink ZOTE soap for catching catfish. This soap has a citronella aroma that attracts this fish.

It can be used to repair the pipe or pipes. You just have to mix ZOTE soap with sugar so you can temporarily repair pipes.

If you can not get rid of the pests of your plants, the ZOTE soap acts as an insecticide, you just have to boil water and white Zote soap, let it cool and empty it in a spray bottle.

With tools to sculpt and ZOTE soap, you can make a sculpture if you try to make a sculpture we recommend that the soap be fresh, because once it hardens it will be difficult to handle.

If you want to perfume your drawers, you can cut a piece of ZOTE soap and put it in a cloth bag in your drawer. This drawer will be completely perfumed and in case it is a drawer with clothes, you will notice that your clothes give off an aroma like freshly washed.


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