Soy Salad Rich In Vitamin E For Infertility and Fatigue Problems

Soy Salad Rich In Vitamin E For Infertility and Fatigue Problems

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With this salad in addition to nourishing your body with vitamin E, it will help you with the problems of infertility and fatigue.

Vitamin E known as Tocopherol is extracted from the wheat germ and is indispensable for reproduction.

It is part of the three vitamins that contribute antioxidants to our body, this means that they are very important for the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular diseases and cancer. Today we will show you a rich soy salad that will help you absorb this vitamin E very well for the problems of infertility and fatigue.


Ingredients (serving for 4 people)

-250 grams of cooked soybeans

-250 grams of preserved and drained sweetcorn grains

-1 avocado

-Chinese cabbage leaves

-1 can of tuna in oil

For the vinaigrette:

-1 tablespoon of sunflower oil

-1 tablespoon of wheat oil

-1 tablespoon of rapeseed oil

-1 tablespoon of vinegar flavored with echalote


Rinse the cooked soybeans and corn grains in the same way. You can put us in a salad bowl. Then wash the cabbage leaves very well, cut them and add them, then add the already shredded and drained tuna, add the tomatoes and the avocado already washed and cut into slices.

When preparing the vinaigrette we recommend using a bowl and mix the three oils and vinegar, use salt and pepper to taste on the salad, stir and ready to serve.

It is important to know that vitamin E is present in butter, whole grains, dairy products, fatty cheeses, sunflower oil and you can also find it in: olive oils, rapeseed, peanuts and seeds; Lower concentration.

Vitamin E or tocopherol is the one that protects oils that contain their own oxidation and is absorbed in a better way if it is consumed in foods that contain a little oil or fats.


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