What Happens If You Decide To Walk 20,000 Steps a Day

What Happens If You Decide To Walk 20,000 Steps a Day

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The pace of life that we humans lead on average every day is extremely active and congested. Since we got up from our beds to walk each morning until the moment we went to bed at night, we found ourselves always busy and doing a lot of things.

Every day we must incorporate in our agenda activities of recreation, which give us the opportunity to drain the worries and feel better with ourselves.

Factors influencing well-being

Lifestyle has a fundamental impact on the quality of life. There are many factors that influence the well-being of people and how they feel physically, mentally and emotionally. Between them we have:

-Eating habits
Exercise and physical activity habits
-Labor conditions
-Mental and physical health
-The body asks for mobility

Many times we forget to dedicate time to our body, thinking that our body will always work in the right way. Food and physical exercise are fundamental to guarantee our physical well-being and intellectual capacity.

However, given the agitated lifestyle of the large part of the population worldwide, this does not fall within the priorities simply because we often do not find the time or the best willingness to do so.

It is not necessary to enroll in a gym, just by modifying some aspects of our way of life is enough to make a great change and feel better physically and therefore with ourselves.

Why walk in our daily life

One of the ways to increase our well-being and improve the quality of life is incorporating walks into our daily habit. While it is true that many times the work day is long and exhausting, apart from the other things we are accustomed to doing, walking on average about 20,000 steps a day significantly modifies our condition.

With the arrival of technology, industrialization, and urbanism in cities, people have stopped walking. It is much easier and more comfortable to go out with our vehicles or take public transport to move to different destinations, but how would our lives change if instead, we decided to walk? Without a doubt, our body would thank us.

Advantages of walking every day

If we decided to stop using the various means of transport everywhere and instead agreed to walk at least the one way or back to the university, work or school of children, without a doubt we would produce a positive change in our lives.

Among the indisputable advantages offered by incorporating in daily habits to travel about 20,000 steps a day, we can highlight the following:

This is included as one of the main goals of most people. Many times we enroll in the gym looking for a solution that will help us lose those extra kilos that indicate the weight. Walking daily is a reasonable and healthy way to burn calories naturally without the need to resort to intense exercise days or hard and cruel diets.

Although it is important to consider that if this is the goal, the calorie intake should also be reduced. This means that exercise and physical activity should always be accompanied by a balanced, healthy and low-fat diet.

Clear the mind and reduce stress

Worries and stress are something constant that is part of our daily lives. Walking helps us relax and clear our mind. Often facilitates the ordering of ideas.

As we walk and be aware of it, we come into contact with our body, we communicate with our organism. This helps to rearrange our thoughts and free ourselves from the tensions present in our day today.

Be active

Although most of the time imagine that walking can increase our levels of fatigue, interestingly when we do a habit happens the opposite.

While at the beginning it can be a bit tedious and at the same time can make our muscles complain at the end of the day, incorporating the habit of walking every day to our daily routine allows us to better channel the energies and have them distributed in all the activities that must be carried out throughout the day.

It has been seen that those who walk at least 20,000 steps in the day, manage to perform better in their activities because instead of being tired, their body is much more active. This happens because they burn calories that are in excess and also because when walking we help the brain to oxygenate.

Positive impact on health

Walking every day reduces the body’s sugar levels by burning calories and reducing accumulated fat, thereby also significantly reducing the chances of getting diabetes.

It is also an excellent therapy for people with heart disease who are prohibited from engaging in strong physical activities that compromise their heart. Similarly, when a patient undergoes surgery, the doctor recommends that they incorporate daily walks into their lifestyle.

Appreciate nature

For those people who are lovers of nature, walking every day allows them to come into contact with it and appreciate it. This creates a sense of well-being and facilitates the control of our emotions. Even if you live in the city, you can always create an appropriate space to get in touch with our surroundings and relax.

When you get home after a tiring day, you just want to sleep

When you walk and clear your mind, it becomes much easier to fall asleep and ensure you sleep placidly and comfortably, yes, if you walk a safe distance before going to bed.

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