How To Grow a Strawberry Plant In Your House. You Cannot Imagine How Easy It Is

How To Grow a Strawberry Plant In Your House. You Cannot Imagine How Easy It Is

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The immense pleasure of eating strawberry is not new because in ancient times it grew wild in America and Asia, as well as in Western Europe and the Romans even made masks to improve their complexion with strawberry-based pastes.

Today, we enjoy them in sweets, ice creams, desserts or alone with a fresh spoonful of cream. What a treat!

Strawberries or strawberries are rich in vitamin C, vitamin B9, that is, folic acid and its main minerals are calcium, magnesium, potassium, and phosphorus.

In addition, they have only 60 calories per 100 grams, and this is a great advantage because although we are making diets to lose weight, we can continue enjoying this delicious fruit that combines so well with any other.

Would you like to have your own strawberries? Did you know that they are very easy to grow? Strawberries can be rather expensive fruits, but we will teach you how to grow them in a very economical way so you can enjoy the organic, and without having to buy them!

To grow your own homemade strawberries you will need:

– 1 fresh strawberry

– Well-washed yogurt pots.

– 1 toothpick / toothpick.

– 1 plastic tray

– 1 clear plastic bag or plastic wrap.

Did you know that strawberry is not really a fruit? That’s right, the red and fleshy part is only the receptacle of the flower. The real fruits are the small yellow granites that we see scattered on the surface, called “akenes” and that are what will give rise to your future strawberries.


– With the help of the toothpick remove the yellow granites from the surface. Do not worry if something of the pulp of the strawberry sticks. Leave them on a paper napkin. You can even save some on paper to dry and plant them at another time.

– Drill the base of the yogurt pots to act as drainage.

– Place soil as up to 1 cm before the edge. Water a little.

– Locate two yellow granites in each pot without burying.

– Place the pots inside the plastic tray and cover them with the plastic bag or with the plastic wrap.

– Place the tray with your small seedlings near a window or someplace where it receives a lot of light.

– Every one or two days open the bag a little so that the air circulates and take advantage of the water. The earth must always be moist.

– Your little strawberry plants will start to be visible after about two or three weeks. At that time remove the plastic bag.

– Once the plants have become a little larger remove them from the seedlings and place them in pots.

– If you plan to plant them in the garden, you should give them time to acclimate well to the outdoor conditions leaving them every day for a while longer for a week.

– If necessary, cover your strawberry plants with some protection for birds.

Strawberry plants can even be decorative and they will give your kitchen or the environment where you put a totally exotic and original air.

An ideal way to procure organic strawberries, at very low cost and in the comfort of your home.

Grow strawberries is not common and to continue being original we propose this dessert easy to prepare, quite out of the ordinary and low in calories!

What do you think of a strawberry soup?

Prepare it with the following ingredients in just 30 minutes:

– 350 grams of strawberries.

– 2 tablespoons of sugar (or sweetener).

– 1 glass of water.

– 2 egg whites.

– 4 tablespoons of sugar (or sweetener).


– Beat the whites and when they are at ¾ point snow add the sugar or sweetener in the form of rain. Finish beating until reaching the snow point. Refrigerate.

– Place the strawberries in a bain-marie over medium heat until they soften.

– Add the sugar or sweetener until they are made compote.

– Incorporate the water and mix well. Go through the processor or liquefy.

– If you want a “soup” without any remaining strawberry you can pass it through a fine sieve or you can leave it natural.

– Pour the soup into glasses and place a “sphere” of meringue (clear to snow) over the strawberry soup.

– Chop some strawberries to sprinkle on the meringue and decorate.

You can take this cold soup, hot or at room temperature; according to your taste. The proportions of the ingredients are indicated for two people.

What did you think about the cultivation of strawberries? It is really very easy and very practical. Let’s do it!


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