5 Ways To Meditate Being In Connection With Nature

5 Ways To Meditate Being In Connection With Nature

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During years of academia and decades of compulsory jobs to survive, people learn to consider as normal a lifestyle focused on mercantilism and consumerism, leaving aside other aspects of humanity such as the spiritual life, the connection with nature, mental or emotional health and even various artistic expressions. As a result of the demands of a comfortable lifestyle, anxiety and depression have become the modus vivendi of a large part of the population in different regions of the world.

Faced with this consumerist exacerbation, the Buddhist Thich Nhat Hanh recommends recreating the connection between the human being and nature. For him, the human being carries within himself Mother Earth, so it is “possible to make a real communication with the Earth, which is the greatest way of praying”. However, unfortunately, the education that governs today has not been concerned with developing tools that teach us to live again in harmony with nature. Therefore, how to promote spirituality in our day to day to feel interconnected with nature, and thus regulate both the anxiety and depression that affect our bodies?

1. First, it is important to create a conscious connection with the elements of the Earth. It is enough to start the day with a small moment of reflection about the world that surrounds us, that is, to generate a connection with the four elements that make up our existence: air, fire, water, and earth. There are those who choose to set up an altar where the different elements are represented, and in this moment of morning reflection, their existence and functionality are appreciated on the day. Each element is also associated with the cardinal points, the cyclical rhythms of nature and even the richness of biodiversity.

2. Second, the activity called earthing or grounding must be carried out daily. The objective is to touch nature directly, observing the cycle of the seed becoming a plant that provides more fruits and seeds. If you do not have the possibility of making soil with nature, placing indoor plants in the home can change the dynamics of the home.

3. Third, make excursions to the mountains or forests, stroll along the beaches or natural areas. It is a practice that not only raises the energy and provides a greater reinforcement to the immune system; It also helps to detoxify all the pollutants that we absorb throughout our stay in the city.

4. Fourth, celebrate the rhythms of nature. Being aware of the phases of the year and the lunar cycles allows you to make short, medium and long-term plans to meet personal goals. Each cycle has its own type of energy that, directly or indirectly, influences our emotions and energy vitality. For example, while during the new moon it is time for introspection, rest and meditation, during the crescent moon is when the energy returns to develop plans and start projects.

5. Fifth, practice a more eco-sustainable lifestyle. Since we are in immediate connection with nature, we need to treat the planet as our temple – as if it were an extension of the body. Therefore, consume local and second-hand products, reduce, reuse and recycle waste, separate garbage, start an urban garden and reduce the ecological footprint are some of the most immediate examples to achieve a life with greater awareness of the environment.

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