5 Things That Are Lethal and That You Should Not Do After Finishing Food. # 4 is The Most Lethal

5 Things That Are Lethal and That You Should Not Do After Finishing Food. # 4 is The Most Lethal

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For everyone, food is one of the most important activities of the day. No matter how busy our day, we should always have time to eat. And is that food is the fuel that gives us the energy we need.

On the other hand, the foods we choose directly influence our health.  That’s why it’s important that, when going to the supermarket, we get healthy food.

Now, it is very important to keep in mind that at lunchtime there are things that should never be done. Unfortunately, many people develop bad habits while eating. As a result, they contract different types of diseases or strange pains appear.

Now we want to show you some of those bad habits that perhaps you also have and should avoid. It may not be easy for you to leave at first. Nor can you think that you will eliminate your bad habit overnight. But if you propose, you can achieve it.

5 bad habits that you should avoid doing after eating


It is no secret that after eating the body must digest food. To perform this activity, the body will use a lot of oxygen. But when you smoke, nicotine will bind to that oxygen that is necessary for digestion. As a result, there will be a greater chance of developing carcinogenic diseases.

Consume fruits

If you did not know, the digestion of the food is not the same as that done to process the fruits. The body uses special enzymes to digest fruits and take advantage of their nutrients. This is why it is recommended to consume fruits on an empty stomach to take advantage of them, especially on an empty stomach. The natural sugar present in fruits means that more time is needed to process them.

Another advantage of eating fruit on an empty stomach is that it takes better advantage of its nutrients, fiber, and sugars. However, if we consume them after eating, we can suffer serious consequences. Among them, we can highlight heartburn, indigestion, and belching.


According to research, if you go to bed right after eating you may suffer discomfort, swelling, and other sleep patterns. And is that when we lie down with a full stomach, we can cause our stomach to burn.

The Faculty of Medicine of the University of Ioannina made a study about it. The results showed that those who stayed for a while before going to bed after eating had less risk of suffering strokes. Hence, it is advisable to resist the temptation to go to bed after eating.

Ideally, wait at least 1 hour after eating food.

Take a bath

Something striking is that when we bathe the body takes an evasive action. It happens that when we get wet, the temperature of the body changes abruptly. To help balance the temperature, the body changes the direction of blood flow to reach the skin. As a result, we have less blood to help the body digest food. This slows down the digestion processor can make the process unfinished.

Drink tea

This habit is accepted by many people and cultures throughout the world. But the truth is that it can cause serious damage.

One of the main compounds in tea is tannic acid. This binds with the iron in the body and the one that provides the food. As a result, the process of digestion becomes very difficult. For the rest, it can be very harmful to people who suffer from anemia.

As you can see, many of the habits that we thought were healthy after eating could cause us serious harm. If you’re used to doing, even if it’s one of these, you’d better think about leaving it. Otherwise, you may suffer the consequences mentioned above.

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