Powerful Slimming Drink Of Only 5 Ingredients That You Have At Home

Powerful Slimming Drink Of Only 5 Ingredients That You Have At Home

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We all want to have a flat stomach, but getting it can be complicated. Factors such as age, health conditions, willpower, or genetics in many cases, can delay our commitment. Detox water can help us fight the fats that accumulate in the belly, in addition to helping us detoxify the body, eliminating impurities.

The belly is one of the parts of the body, where fat accumulates more easily. That is why sometimes, even maintaining a routine of exercises and a balanced diet, we must boost our metabolism through natural remedies.

What is detox water?

The detox water or slimming drink has become very popular, due to its many benefits. And it is that they facilitate the elimination of toxins and elements that do not contribute anything. It is a very good alternative to cleanse the body and maintain a flat stomach.

Its main contribution is to keep the body hydrated, help eliminate liquids and toxins. It also increases the consumption of water, adding a more attractive flavor.

Water detox on a flat stomach:


-The slices of a fresh cucumber
-Fresh mint leaves
-Half sliced lemon
-A quarter of orange sliced
-720 ml of water

The preparation is very simple since it consists in uniting all the ingredients, mixing them and letting them rest. After about two hours of rest, the water will have concentrated the ingredients. Drinking this detox will help you boost your metabolism and burn fat.

-Relieves stomach cramps and facilitates digestion.
-It combats fluid retention, contains antioxidants, and inflammation of the stomach.
-It lowers high cholesterol and strengthens the immune system.

Detox water to contain the appetite:

When we try to control what we eat, anxiety is a real rival to fight. With this drink, you will achieve a feeling of fullness, which will help you in your goal of maintaining a flat stomach.


-Fresh mint leaves.
-A sliced strawberry.
-Half sliced lemon.
-A quarter of a teaspoon of cinnamon.
-A quarter of an apple slice.
-720 ml of ice water.

The preparation is carried out by adding all the containers together to a container and mixing until they are integrated. Let it rest for two hours.


-It facilitates the elimination of toxins that the body contains.
-You will have a better digestion and will reduce the pains (if you have them).
-Combats premature aging thanks to its anti-oxidant components.
-Fight constipation.
-Regulates the blood sugar level.

To achieve our goal of maintaining a flat stomach, these detox drinks will help us eliminate liquids and toxins. They should also be accompanied by a balanced diet, along with a regular exercise routine. A positive attitude and a healthy self-esteem will help us keep weight at bay.


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